Tibetan Buddhist Center 3536 McLaughlin Ave., Los Angeles 90066

On-going Sunday Practice at 10:00AM
Our meetings continue to be held on Zoom

Prayers are led by Venerable Thupten Rinpoche. R
e-align with spiritual values and connect to traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice.


Tibetan Buddhist Holy Days and Cultural Observances 2024: 

Please note: We do not have events scheduled for every one of these days. The dates are provided here as reference for use in personal practice and observance.

Feb 10 [Sat]—Losar (Tibetan New Year 2151 Wood Dragon)
February 24 [Sat]—
Chötrul Duchen (Tib: 1/15 Day of Miracles)
April 25 [Thurs]—Panchen Lama's birthday
May 23 [Thurs]—
Saka Dawa (Tib: 4/15-- Lord Buddha's birth, enlightenment and parinirvana)
July 6 [Sat]—His Holiness, the Dalai Lama's birthday (89)
July 10 [Wed]—
Chökhor Duchen (Wheel Turning Day- Lord Buddha's first teaching)
Oct 17 [Thurs]—anniversary of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama receiving US Congressional Gold Medal (2005)
Nov 22 [Fri]—
Lha Bab Duchen (Lord Buddha’s descent from Tushita--gods’ realm)
Dec 10 [Tues]—anniversary of HH Dalai Lama receiving Nobel Peace Prize (1989)
Dec 25 [Wed]--Lama Tsong Khapa Day (Tib: 10/25 --founder of Gaden Monastery and Gelug lineage)

Tsog Offering Days in 2024:

Please note: Information about upcoming tsog days is listed here for your personal reference only, and does not mean that we are holding a ceremony in-person at the Center.

Saturday, January 6 (Tibetan 25th)
aturday, January 20 (Tibetan 10th)
Monday, February 5 (Tibetan 25th)
onday, February 19 (Tibetan 10th)
Tuesday, March 5 (Tibetan 25th
Tuesday, March 19 (Tibetan 10th)

Thursday, April 4 (Tibetan 25th
Thursday, April 18 (Tibetan 10th
Friday, May 3 (Tibetan 25th
Saturday, May 18 (Tibetan 10th
no Tibetan 25th
day in June
Sunday, June 16 (Tibetan 10th
Monday, July 1 (Tibetan 25th
Tuesday, July 16 (Tibetan 10th
Tuesday, July 30 (Tibetan 25th
Wednesday, August 14 (Tibetan 10th
Wednesday, August 28 (Tibetan 25th
Friday, September 13 (Tibetan 10th
Sunday, September 27 (Tibetan 25th
Saturday, October 12 (Tibetan 10th
Saturday, October 26 (Tibetan 25th
Monday, November 11 (Tibetan 10th
Monday, November 25 (Tibetan 25th
Tuesday, December 10 (Tibetan 10th
Wednesday, December 25 (Tibetan 25th

What is Tsog
Tsog means "a gathering".  Practitioners gather to make offerings with chanted prayers to the extended  lineage gurus and the arya sangha (previously enlightened masters). This reaffirms one’s connection to the Tibetan Buddhist path and to the spiritual masters who have gone before. The tsog ceremony is often accompanied by Guru Puja, a ritual which encompasses the complete stages of the path to enlightenment. Tsog dates are determined based on the Tibetan lunar calendar.